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Acne face map: What your acne says about you

Posted on 27th Mar, 2020

Several people attribute acne to hormonal imbalances or clogged pores, but they forget that they are an indication of underlying health issues at times. Acne face mapping is a method that examines the location of acne occurrence on the face to determine health problems. It is not an exact science, but it can tell a little about your health.

Flawless skin comes from not only taking care of what you put on your skin but also how you take care of your health. Here is your guide to using an acne face map to decode what your breakouts are telling about your health.

Forehead: Unhealthy diet and stress

Acne breakouts on the forehead are often caused due to stress and poor digestive issues. It can also be attributed to hats and hair that sticks to the forehead.

Solution: Drinking plenty of water, sleeping at least seven hours a day, eating a healthy diet, and minimizing the friction of hair and other things on the forehead help to reduce acne.

Cheeks: Cell phone and pillowcase

Acne near the top of the cheek might indicate respiratory problems, whereas lower cheek acne is associated with poor dental hygiene and surface bacteria.

Solution: Maintain clean air at home and clean items that come into contact with the cheek, such as your mobile phones, pillowcases, and makeup brushes.

T-zone: Fast foods and dairy products

Acne located in the T-zone, i.e., the area between the eyebrows down to the nose and chin is caused by food allergens or gastrointestinal imbalances.

Solution: Reduce the consumption of dairy products, red meat, and fast food, and intake more leafy vegetables to improve your T-zone complexion.

Chin: Hormones

Breakouts in the chin are linked to hormonal imbalances.

Solution: Opt for a regular sleeping schedule and a balanced diet, and intake nutrient supplements for tackling chin acne.

We hope the article has helped you to figure out the reasons for your acne breakouts, along with giving you solutions to take care of it. Cheers to the beginning of a healthy lifestyle and flawless skin!

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