“It’s so gentle, buttery and eye friendly. Tedibar is so softening and moisturizing that my kid loved it from the very first day. The refreshing scent makes my kid happy. I am sure I will use Tedibar for my kid for years. Thank you Tedibar.”

– Sandhya Poojary

“I am taking Androanagen for the past one month. My Doctor prescribed one tablet a day. I had hair fall problem for the past 4 years. Taking this medicine my hair fall has reduced by 80%.”

– Rajesh

“Spoo is the best baby shampoo. I bought it especially because it is sulphate free and safe for the baby. It also makes the baby hair very smooth and the fragrance is refreshing. Now, my baby loves taking a head bath.”

– Pavan J

“My brother and I use Tedibar and we love bathing with it. It smells awesome. It is our favorite soap.”

– Master Rehan

“I live in the US and I have used Noskurf lotion for my dandruff when I visited India 8 months ago. No other shampoo or lotion has been as effective for me.”

– Vandana

“I was suffering from Hyperhidrosis and Aldry lotion works really good and is affordably priced. The lotion did wonders for me.”

– Jaiganesh