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7 tips to avoid Maskne and slay your skincare routine during the lockdown

Posted on 3rd Aug, 2021

The list of miseries caused by COVID-19 is endless. The latest addition to this list of atrocities is MASKNE!

The term maskne is a portmanteau of ‘mask’ and ‘acne’. If you have been wearing a face mask religiously over the past year, you may have noticed your skin reacting negatively to this new 2020 accessory. Maskne or acne mechanica refers to pimples caused due to the use of a face mask. Your face mask prevents sweat, oil, and bacteria from escaping and it gets trapped within the mask. This creates a breeding ground for breakouts and acne.

Here are 7 tips to help you tackle this new skin condition:

Wash your face regularly

Make sure that you wash your face with a gentle cleanser at least twice a day. Avoid harsh products like exfoliators and toners as they would irritate your skin further.

Moisturise! (The holy grail):

The most important step in maskne skincare is moisturising. Dry skin is a common issue which is aggravated further by the use of a face mask. Therefore, you must make it a point to apply a hydrating moisturiser like Curatio’s Acnemoist after washing your face. It is specially designed to suit acne skin as it is non-oily and feather light. Acnemoist is a non-
comedogenic moisturiser which means that it is non-clogging and does not block pores This forms a barrier on your skin which protects and repairs it.

Skip makeup:

Well, since almost half your face is hidden by the mask, makeup can definitely be avoided. Loading your skin with several makeup products can lead to product build-up and can cause breakouts. This is the perfect time to let your skin breathe and remain au naturel.

Using the right mask:

Find a mask which is snug but fits comfortably on your face. Such a mask not only protects you from coronavirus but also from skin problems. If the mask feels too tight it may cause redness and breakouts. However, if it is too loose it may not protect you from the virus. The fabric of the mask also has an impact on maskne. Use a light, cotton mask and allow your skin to breathe.

Maintaining your masks:

A good reusable mask is always a better option, both environmentally and skin-wise. Cloth masks must be washed after every use to avoid maskne. Using hot water to wash masks removes the dead cells and kills bacteria present on them.

Take 15-minute break every 4 hours:

It is recommended that taking a break prevents your skin from suffering allergies and irritants. However, mask must be removed only when its safe.

Visit a dermatologist:

If your maskne worsens despite taking the above measures, a visit to your dermatologist is mandatory. Only an expert will be able to give you professional advise based on your skin type.

Since it looks like masks are here to stay for a while, being aware and conscious of your skin is important. A few simple steps may help you put your best and most confident face forward.

While wearing a mask is the new normal, maskne doesn’t have to be.

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