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5 Tips to maintain glowing skin this summer

Posted on 10th Apr, 2017


From dehydration to healthy skin, water is the best tip, to begin with. Especially during the summer, liquid diets are the best. From coconut water to buttermilk and fruit juices to green tea, liquid intake is a must. Green tea keeps skin disorders away and even helps reduce belly fat.

Food intake

Include a lot of green vegetables in your diet this summer. Stay away from fried foods and meat. Meat increases body temperature and may increase pimples. Have vegetables and fruits like lettuce and watermelon, which have high water quantity. Summer might be mango season, but mangoes increase heat in the body. So make sure you don’t overdose on them.


Always apply sunscreen, 30 minutes before stepping out. Don’t forget to use sunscreen that has SPF higher than 30.

Cleansing and moisturizing

Regularly cleanse the skin to keep acne away. Homemade remedies like yogurt and honey mix is a good idea. There are plenty of homemade masks like cucumber juice, milk and lime juice, etc that you can use every day during the summer, to keep skin healthy. Also, curd and basin mix helps in removing tan. Moisturizing and massaging your skin immediately after a shower keeps skin smooth during the summer.

Also, face steam is best for opening up pores, cleaning dirt and helps while removing blackheads as well. You could also get a cleanup done and make sure the skin stays clear.


Practicing yoga every morning, running or at least taking long walks gives you glowing skin and keeps you fresh. We tend to feel really drowsy during summer, to avoid that and for better blood circulation, physical activity is a must.

Body care

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Body care

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