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5 Makeup mistakes that everyone should avoid

Posted on 24th Jul, 2019

Makeup nowadays is considered a genuine art form. With one small mistake, your whole appearance can be ruined. Like many things in life, constant practice is something that makes us perfect. It usually takes people years of experimentation and most of their twenties to find the right combination. Even after that things can go wrong with a single mistake.

Here are 5 makeup mistakes that one should avoid:

Over cleansing: Cleansing or washing is the first and the most important step in makeup. Skin types differ from person to person. With age, our skin undergoes many changes. But once you apply foundation and notice dry skin, it is a sign that you are over washing your face. By over washing your face, you are wiping out the natural oil that is formed with soap. This makes the skin hard and itchy. So, it is ideal to wash your face two times a day.

Wrong blending techniques: Makeup has much more to it than dabbing on a blush and eyeshadow. Even when you apply a skin colour friendly shade, it is going to look out of place, unless it is blended properly. The key to elegant and natural looking makeup lies in mastering the art of blending. Makeup that isn’t properly blended will make you look comical.

Applying makeup on dry skin: Applying makeup on dry skin is considered a crime in the world of fashion. This makes your face look dull, cracked and tired. A good makeup requires a strong foundation, which is a properly moisturized face.

Too much glitter: Shimmery eyeshadows are very attractive, when used the right way and right amount. But, when you use them over the whole/entire eyelid, they can look extremely shiny and immature. So, it is good to use normal eyeshadows or eyeshadows that are a few shades darker than your skin tone.

Tacky lipstick colour: A lipstick shade can make or break any look. Stick to colours that go with your skin tone. Dark shades can look tacky and out of place. It also makes you look older than your age. If you are wearing a dark lipstick, make sure that the makeup you apply is light.

Makeup can have a huge impact on how you present yourself in public. So, follow the right instruction and learn and master the right techniques.

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