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5 Foods you must feed your baby right away

Posted on 8th May, 2017

Eggs – Rich in iron and protein, eggs are a must for babies. Make sure you introduce egg whites to your babies in their growing stage. Scrambled eggs, boiled egg whites, omelets are all highly recommended. Don’t forget to feed them small portions of the same, according to their capacity.

Yogurt and Avocado – Yogurt and avocado are recommended for high-calorie intake. Avocado is nutritious and rich in good fat. Yogurt can be provided to 6-month-old babies. High in calcium, nonflavored yogurt is the most preferred. You could even consider making yogurt out of whole milk.

Butter – Lots of them might advise avoiding this fatty food, but feeding butter during growing stages actually boosts calorie intake. Make sure you buy organic butter. You could also mix butter with cereals.

Beans – Cooking soaked beans or adding beans to other dishes like soup, is perfect for the baby. Beans and lentils are super-rich in manganese, protein, and iron.

Herbs – Herbs are great antioxidants agents and help prepare your child for the intake of solids after turning one. Adding herbs to meat, avocado and vegetables is a great way to expose them to flavors. Remember not to mix too much chili into any food, for the baby.

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