1. For teething babies, the easiest hack would be apple sauce cloths. Put apple sauce in a cloth, role it and freeze it. Now this cloth can be given to all those teething babies.
  2. For Toddlers who are fussy eaters, adding sprinkles to any sort of food item, is the best way to feed them.
  3. To feed medicine to babies, simply clip the dropper to the pacifier. This way, giving them the antibiotics becomes a whole lot easier.  Also, giving babies pacifiers after freezing them in breast milk is a brilliant hack for teething!
  4. Now, most parents forget that they need not open their child’s diaper to check for poop. Instead, what you could do is, simply check the color line. If the color line outside the diaper is blue, your child has peed or pooped.
  5. Baking soda is the classic hack. For cleaning baby bottles and for stinky furniture caused by baby poop or puke, Baking soda is the way to go.