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4 Winter hair care mistakes to avoid

Posted on 11th Jan, 2020

Winter is here. As we snuggle in comfy knitwear, tuck our feet in socks, are we forgetting something vital? The winter season results in frail, dehydrated hair and hair loss. Every weather impacts our hair differently, and we need to change our hair care routine to prevent problems caused due to the change in the weather. Many ends being lazy and ignore the importance of having a different hair care routine for this season. Winters damage our hair, but what damages our hair is the hair care mistakes that we make during winters.

Here we have come up with a few hair care mistakes that one should avoid for a healthy hair care routine:

Washing with hot water

Avoid bathing in hot water during winter. It dries out your skin, as well as damages your hair and scalp to a greater extent. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, snatch the moisture from your hair strands, dehydrating them, which will cause frizz, dullness and hair breakage. Instead, go for moderately hot or warm water. It helps to maintain hair health without freezing you out of the shower and prevents further dryness. 

Overwashing the hair strands

Overwashing your hair results in a tight, flaky scalp as well as brittle, breaking hair strands. It is advised to shampoo every two to three days a week for straight or wavy textures, every four to five days for curly hair, and once a week for highly textured hair. To apply shampoo, run fingers through the hair, massage the scalp and detangle the lengths as you go. Then apply conditioner, only from the mid-lengths, combing through to the hair ends. 

Going outside with wet hair

When your hair is wet, and you go out in this cold temperature, the water crystallizes and expands, physically damaging the hair. To prevent that from happening, wash your hair at night before bed, so it becomes dry by morning or invest in a blow dryer. Remember, whenever you’re using heat styling products, use a protecting spray to protect it from damages. 

Not choosing the best hat

Hats are a go-to accessory for keeping you warm in the winter. But hats can damage your hair. Not only do they damage the hair, but also the repeated friction of putting on and taking off your hat often leads to breakage. Adding to this, hats don’t always let the scalp breathe. Avoid or minimize using hats with wool and cotton fabrics as they tear the hair strands and ripping it out of moisture. Opt for hats that are lined with silk or satin, so your hair glides about freely and holds on to its moisture. 

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