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4 Tips to avoid diaper rashes

Posted on 21st Sep, 2019

Diaper rash in babies is mainly caused due to irritation by stool and urine, sensitive skin and sometimes when the diapers are too tight. These form in warm, moist places and look like red splotches. They are usually formed in the bottom or genital areas of newborns.

Here are a few tips to avoid the occurrence of diaper rashes in babies:

Keep it clean and dry

The most important way to prevent and treat the formation of rashes is by keeping the diaper dry and clean and making sure the diaper isn’t too tightly wrapped. Whenever the baby isn’t wearing a diaper, lay them down on a towel. Also, give them some diaper-free time in the morning. This also helps keep the diaper area dry. When you change your baby’s diaper, clean the area with diaper wipes. Don’t rub the skin too hard and avoid wipes with alcohol content.

Diaper-changing tips

When your baby has a rash, you must be very careful while changing the diaper. It’s best to change the diapers regularly, ideally as soon as it’s soiled. Rinse cloth diapers two to three times to remove the soap as some babies may have sensitive skin and detergents might cause an allergic reaction leading to rashes.

Go for creams

The creams that contain high levels of zinc can be used when a baby has rashes. Zinc has properties that soothe the skin and prevent contact with feces and other irritants. After cleaning the baby, apply the cream properly and smoothly before wrapping it up in a diaper.

Reach out to your doctor

If the rash doesn’t disappear in 2-3 days and the baby seems to get a fever, it is advisable to reach out to your doctor.

Bottom line

Babies have really sensitive skin. They might get rashes even when they have a small allergic reaction. So, you must constantly monitor and take care of your baby.

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