Melasma is a skin condition, characterized by facial hyperpigmentation (light to dark brown patches) mostly in the face, V-neck and forearms. While it affects the patient’s psyche immensely, understanding the basics of the disease might help cure and prevent its aggravation.


The affected class consists of pregnant women, those using oral contraceptives, post-menopausal women taking combined hormone replacement therapy. Thyroid dysfunction and use of certain cosmetics and usage of anti-epileptic drugs, especially in older women, may also cause the condition.

Sun & UV exposure impacts the condition in a big percentage of affected population. A high level of exposure causes exacerbation and avoidance, fading away upto a great extent. Genetics is also said to play its role in upto 18% of the affected population. However the exact process underplaying these causative factors is not known exactly.
“Cholasma”,Melasma caused due to pregnancy is typically observed in the second or third trimester. It can show up at any age, from twenties to early fifties. Generally, it may get resolved months after delivery but if it persists, it indicates an increased risk of Melasma associated with future pregnancies.


Fortunately, Melasma can be treated well by Dermatologists. It may not be treated instantly. Clinical success with topical therapy can take time. Considering the site of action are delicate areas like face, highly aggressive therapies are not recommended. The recommended treatment consists of face wash for exfoliation, a depigmenting cream that helps fight Melasma and a sunscreen that prevents exacerbation. So, don’t let Melasma attack your psyche because you can beat it for sure!