Anyone suffering from acne would agree that finding the right skin care is the biggest challenge they face.
Here are a few tips & tricks that can help you get started on your acne care journey.

Keep the Skin Clean

The backbone of your skin care routine has to be thorough cleansing. It keeps the skin free of excess oil, dirt, sweat, and makeup, leaving a nice, clean base for your acne treatment products. For most people, a twice-daily cleansing is a goal. Don’t forget to wash your face before bed and to clean out all your makeup every night.


In order to fight acne, hit it in the pore. Regular exfoliation helps to keep the pores free of excess skin cells and oil. Acne treatment products contain ingredients like salicylic acid that have exfoliating properties already.

Follow your doctor’s prescription

Most acne treatments last for at least 2 – 3 months. Yours follow – up sessions are crucial as your dermatologist will let you know about the progress and make tweaks in the prescription if required. Some of your medication will be sensitive to light and may cause dryness, which is why using a moisturizer & sunscreen is important to keep your skin blemish free.

Yes, You Do Need a Moisturizer

Many people with oily skin steer clear of moisturizers. But moisturizing is a good thing, even if you’re acne-prone. A good, oil-free moisturizer won’t trigger breakouts, but will help ease dryness, flakiness, and peeling.

Protection from the Sun

Last but certainly not least, your skin needs to be protected from the sun. Since many acne medications make your skin more sensitive to the sun, wearing sunscreen daily is important. There are plenty of sunscreens available that aren’t heavy or greasy, and won’t clog your pores and make acne worse. Ask your dermatologist for the best personal option.