You have been invited to a high profile business event. You have the perfect clothes, the right personality and the ideal crowd to hang out with. This could be just what your career needs! But there is something constantly worrying you; a problem that most people don’t expect to cause discomfort – excessive sweating. You imagine your clothes swathed in sweat, your hands clammy in a handshake, or your face dripping when you meet someone important.

Here is a reassuring fact, though – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Scientifically called Hyperhidrosis and this condition of excessive sweating is a manageable disorder.

People who suffer from hyperhidrosis know that this condition does not always kick off due to heat, rigorous physical activity or nervousness. An episode of heavy sweating can commence just about anywhere or any time and may leave the sufferer feeling uncomfortable, and even embarrassed. This kind of excessive sweating of the underarms, feet, palms and even face usually begins at adolescence, and can hamper a person’s self-confidence and personal and professional relationships, and cause practical problems such as difficulty in writing or driving.

Hyperhidrosis can also be caused by medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid problems, menopause-related hot flashes, low blood sugar, etc. Excessive sweating can make the sufferer prone to skin infections, as well. In these conditions, medical assistance may be required to keep the disorder under control. However, remember that hyperhidrosis can be easily managed, and it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life just the way you want to!