In India, quite a good number of men and women are not happy with their skin tone if it is not fair. That’s how the market remains flooded with various types of fairness creams. Little do people understand that skin tone is a gifted trait from our creator? The way our eyes,nose,lips are of specific shape and size determined by our genes, similarly the complexion too is determined by genes expressing the chemical “melanin” in a specific pattern and concentration. High concentration of melanin provides the darker complexion and a darker tan upon sun, UV exposure.


Contrary to the dislike of the dark complexion causing chemical, it is a fact that the more the Melanin the better the skin health. Melanin protects the skin from DNA alterations, UV radiations & skin cancer. However, an excess production of Melanin causes hyperpigmentation (dark patches in sun exposed areas like face), a condition called Melasma. The hyperpigmentation pattern can be different for various people.


Too much of Sun exposure is the prime reason for the condition however genetics & hormonal changes also might cause it. In certain phases of life, women are more prone to the condition like Pregnancy, on contraceptives, those receiving hormonal therapy during menopause.The condition may or may not be transitory.


While there are multiple treatments available in the market,it is always recommended to meet a Dermatologists and take the right set of medication. Some cream can cause irreversible side effects too, if misused. Also, self -medication or word of mouth should be totally avoided as one cream may not be fit for treatment of various types of Melasma. Steroids or hydroquinone should not be taken unless prescribed by a doctor. The key to success in Melasma treatment is compliance to the treatment & patience for realizing the results as an immediate reversal cannot be expected. Love your skin, its blessed with protective Melanin. Yes unfortunately, it can cause Melasma in certain individuals but fortunately it is very much treatable.