Regardless of whether you have nervousness or anxiety, we all have personalities and we all have skin. It’s critical we see how to keep our physical and psychological well-being fit as a fiddle, as there is an obvious bond between the mind and skin. Furthermore, we know from looking in the mirror amid times of stress that our skin will in general look less healthy than regular. So it’s nothing unexpected that studies have discovered an association between our psychological wellness and skin wellbeing.

For instance, skin conditions, likeacne are easily triggered or exacerbated by emotional stress. Curiously, studies have also found that people with certain skin conditions are significantly more prone to have mental health disorders such as depression.

What happens to the skin?

Amid times of stress or trauma, our skin is inclined to flare ups in existing skin conditions. Regardless of whether these be breakouts, acne, super sensitivity, redness or, dry, tight, harsh skin, they all show how our skin’s functions has been impaired. At that point there are other skin issues that can be somewhat more unfortunate, which can be exacerbated by stress and other emotional factors. These may incorporate serious skin break out, alopecia areata (male pattern baldness), different kinds of skin inflammation or dermatitis (skin aggravation), herpes (oral and genital), hyperhidrosis (lavish perspiring), pruritus (tingling), psoriasis (skin scaling and redness), rosacea (skin flushing and ejection), urticaria (hives), and even warts.

What are the small lifestyle changes that you can make to help improve your health?

Stay hydrated: We so often forget to drink water and are caught up with so many other things, and it’s even harder to do when we are under stress or feeling low. To reduce the chance of flare ups, in acne especially, aim to drink at least 2L of water a day.

Sleep well: When we are under pressure, it’s often a lot harder for us to get a decent sleep. But sleep is essential for a healthy immune system. The immune system promotes wellness by fighting infections, and maintaining healthy skin.

Exercise regularly: Exercise is a great way to clear our minds, and de-stress. Not only is it good for our bodies to exercise, but it’s also amazing for our skin – especially if you can get outside! Get away from the stuffiness of indoors, and go for a brisk walk.

Eat healthy and natural: Replace foods with refined sugar with naturally sweet foods, like fruits and veg. Or if you’re craving asugary drink or beverage, remember that there are drinks such as green tea, protein powders and superfoods that are full of nutrients and release energy slowly into the body.

These strategies are well known, and repeated again and again, but they are the best and simplest remedies for our whole body and mental health.