The first thing you need to know is that men’s skin is very different from women’s as their skin is thicker and less likely to be sensitive to ingredients in cleansers and moisturizers. Men who have thick beards or curly hair, the irritation and razor bumps caused due to shaving is another problem. With good skin care practices and some small yet effective changes in your daily routine, you can keep these problems at bay and have a clear and healthy skin.

1. Say “NO” to soap. Soaps are highly alkaline in nature which strips away all the water and natural oils out the skin, leaving the skin dry and dehydrated. Without water in your skin, your skin cells don’t stay moist which can lead to acne conditions and can also aggravate sensitive skin.

2. Always wear moisturizer and sunscreen: Continuous exposure to sunlight is the main cause of aging leaving the skin extremely worn out. An SPF 30 sunscreen would be ideal as it is lightweight and doesn’t dry out the skin and won’t leave you feeling greasy. Moisturizers will keep your skin smooth and more importantly will help remove dead skin and will prevent your pores from clogging.

3. Use a shaving gel, rather than foam: The main objective of a clean shave is to ensure you soften your hair prior to shaving. Using shaving gel helps to soften the hair and the follicle so that when you use a razor, there is less irritation. Shaving foams are not that effective when it comes to penetrating the skin and do not soften hairs as effectively as a gel. Gel-based shaving creams instantly lubricate and hydrate resulting in a comfortable shave with fewer rashes and ingrown hairs.

4.Avoid using alcohol-based aftershaves: A lot of aftershaves products in the market contain alcohol in them, most men use these aftershaves as it gives a tight and clean feeling. You should know, alcohol-based aftershaves cause dead skin cell buildup and keep the hair trapped within the skin. Try using oil-free moisturizers which will help soothe the skin rather than leaving you with a burning sensation