Beauty starts with a great skin. Healthy skin is considered the most beautiful gift from nature and exceeds and/or accentuates the sharp features.
Adult acne is a frustrating condition because they disgrace the most sensitive part of the human body ie the face. It affects the self-esteem of an individual. It is one of the most common conditions which dermatologists treat globally.

Reason for Acne formation-

Acne episodes are caused due to various factors like poor hygiene, hormonal, stress factors, pregnancy, and unhealthy lifestyle. These factors cause increased oil secretion which block the skin pores there by causing bacterial infection.

Characteristics & Grade of Acne-

For the purpose of diagnosis, acne severity is graded as per the existing numbers:
Mild acne: Around 30 lesions (white heads, black heads, papules and pustules)
Moderate acne: Between 30 and 125 lesions (papules, pustules, inflamed nodules across face, back, chest)
Severe acne: More than 125 lesions (painful pustules and nodules)
As for every situation in life, presence of acne affects suffering individuals differently. However it should be taken as a temporary condition in higher percentage of cases. Incidence of bad acne should definitely be consulted with a dermatologist so that severity can be reduced rapidly.There are multiple modes of treatment enabled through efficacious medications.
Thus, don’t let the acne overpower your beauty, confidence and life. You can surely beat it, beautifully.