While the whole world just concentrates on skin’s beauty and other superficial gratifications, a group of Danish scientists have presented the world with a rather surprising impact of the thin external layer over the liver health. The scientists have discovered that the skin communicates with the liver so thereby provoking the thought that skin can perform much more than sun protection, thermo-regulation etc.

Understand the discovery process-

The discovery was made using genetically engineered lab mice that lacked a special fat-binding protein in the skin. In a series of experiments involving mice with obesity, they found that fat deposition in the liver happened in all the mice in the groups with abnormal skin. This confirmed that an abnormal skin has a direct impact on the functioning of the liver.

The defective skin layer prevents evaporation from the skin, thus stopping heat loss. Water loss from the skin makes the mice feel cold and leads to a fat break down in the adipose tissue which gets moved to the liver. This finding also goes with the general understanding that we burn fat when we are cold. The defect in the skin had the same effect as cold exposure causing the metabolic disorder or alopecia. This finding suggests that people who suffer from a variety of skin diseases like severe acne may also have improper functioning of their internal organs.

Here are some other skin problems caused due to liver diseases:

1. Jaundice
2. Severe Itching
3. Purpura (Blood Spots)
4. Raynaud’s Phenomenon
5. Lichen Planus
6. Darkening or Lightening of skin
7. Excessive Facial Hair

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