A lot of dermatologists will tell you that skin is the first messenger that lets you know if there is something wrong within your body and could be a sign of a serious health problem. In some cases, the skin will show certain signs of an internal problem even before it fully develops and becomes serious. The key here is to understand and notice these signs early on so that you can get it checked and treated immediately.

New rash: If you find a rash appear out of nowhere or an unusual rash that doesn’t go away even after medication, it could indicate there is something wrong internally. A rash that is accompanied by joint pains, fever or muscle aches is usually a telltale sign that all is not well with the body.

New Growths: New growths that sprout on your skin can be a sign internal disease or something genetic. For example, if you see a yellow or waxy looking bump on the arms or on your legs, it could indicate high triglyceride levels, which is a common sign of uncontrolled diabetes.

Skin discoloration: Changes in skin color are the most common signs of internal diseases. If the skin turns yellow it can be a sign of liver disease. Darkening of skin in areas which are exposed to the sun could be a sign of adrenal disease. Bronzing of the skin could indicate a deficiency in iron metabolism which could lead to liver failure.

Change in texture: Sudden hardening or softening of the skin can indicate an underlying medical condition. Acanthosisnigricans is a common condition among people who are overweight. It results in darkened, velvety skin that appears on the back of the neck.

It is very important to see a dermatologist if you see sudden skin changes, Understanding these early signs can help you avoid any serious medical conditions later on.