The pH of skin stands at 5.5; which is pretty acidic, helping your skin stay safe from harmful bacteria and fungi. This is why you need a cleansing agent that promises to be “pH balanced” so that the acidity of your skin stays unaffected, keeping it protected and clear.

So, if you are using a regular soap to cleanse your skin, you may be putting your delicate skin in danger. Syndet, on the other hand, is cleansing products with pH 5.5. They gently remove dirt and grime from the skin, while keeping the natural oils intact.

Take a look at some of the key differences between soap and Syndet:

Soap Zydet
Difficult to wash off with hard water due to its soapy characteristic. Easy to wash off even with hard water since it is soap-free.
Good but harsh cleansing. Mild but effective cleansing.
Higher pH levels, mostly above 9, can erode the skin’s acid mantle. pH levels similar to skin’s natural pH level – 5.5 – keeps skin’s protective acid mantle intact.
Made using a process called saponification, which involves converting animal/vegetable oils, liquids and alkali into soap. Made with synthetic detergents that are not saponified. Hence, they are soap-free.
May cause drying, irritation and lead to wrinkles in the long run. Gentle on skin. Gives a moisturised effect. Recommended for babies as well as those with sensitive skin.

Keep your skin protected and youthful for longer with a Syndet cleanser. Choose either a bar or a gel/liquid that will cleanse, moisturise and protect for longer.