We all have seen X-men movie series and we know Mystique with her blue skin and extra-ordinary shape-shifting skills. But we don’t really know that apart from mutants, there are some people, in normal life, who have blue complexion.

In medical terms, this skin condition is known as Argyria. Argyria happens when your body is too much exposed to Silver which, over time, leaves a long-lasting effect. Prolonged exposure to small amount of silver or heavy exposure at one time can cause this abnormality. Though rare, Argyria isn’t known for causing serious threats to life, but having a bluish skin type really looks alien.

Paul Karason, the man with blue skin who died at the age of 62 became an Internet Sensation when he discussed about his Blue-man syndrome in NBC’s Today Show in 2008. He earned the nickname “Papa Smurf” due to his white beard and blue skin. In 2013, another case was reported in Daily Mail, of a woman, Rosemary Jacobs who suffered from the same abnormal condition which developed at the age of 11. According to her, nose drop was the reason behind her condition.

Symptoms of Argyria:

Obviously, the one and the most observable symptom will be your skin color turning up blue. At first, it appears as a small area in your body but with time, it can cover your whole body and this depends on the quantity of silver your body is exposed to. Other areas or parts of your body can also indicate signals of Argyria which include:

  • Nail beds
  • Conjunctival membranes
  • Mucous membrane

Sources responsible for silver concentration in your body

  • Antimicrobial health tonics
  • Medication that contains silver salts
  • Colloidal silver dietary supplements, usually marketed as “cure-alls”
  • Silver sutures used in surgery
  • Silver dental fillings

Life isn’t easy for these two girls, Stacey and Emma Picken from the UK as they were born with a rare skin disorder, Harlequin Ichthyosis. Their skin grows six times faster than an average individual.

Even in India, a case was reported on 21st January 2017, when a woman who gave birth to a child with Harlequin Ichthyosis refused to accept her. She even refused to feed the child when they brought her home and said: “I have no idea how did this happen. Me and family are completely devastated. I am in shock as I was really looking forward to becoming a mother of a healthy child, be it a girl or a boy.”

So, what is Harlequin Ichthyosis?

Harlequin Ichthyosis, a genetic disorder causes thickened skin over the entire body. In this rare form of skin disorder, an individual must inherit two recessive genes from both the parents.

Till now, there isn’t any cure for this severe form in which the skin cracks and splits apart.

Signs and Symptoms:

According to Foundation for Ichthyosis  & Related Skin Types, the below-denoted points are the symptoms of Harlequin Ichthyosis:

  1. The infant may be covered with thick skin with distorted facial structure.
  2. The tightness of the skin pulls around the eyes and the mouth, forcing the eyelids and lips to turn inside out, revealing the red inner linings.
  3. The child may suffer from breathing and eating difficulties. The hands and feet may be small, swollen, and partially flexed.

Facts about Harlequin Ichthyosis:

  1. Harlequin Ichthyosis is caused by genetic mutation and it’s not contagious.
  2. Sunburn and Poor bathing habits are not a cause of this disorder.
  3. Each year, more than 16,000 babies are born with some form of Ichthyosis.
  4. Although people with Ichthyosis have difficulties, they live a normal life.
face skincare

Source: Women’s Health


  • Rubbing Alcohol on your skin isn’t a good idea as it destroys the upper layer of your skin. Alcohol contains chemicals that could strip essential lipids, proteins and fats, making your skin prone to inflammation.


Spirulina – A perfect remedy for skin nourishment

You try a lot of products to enhance your external appearance. Be it some product over the counter or natural homemade remedies, you continuously experiment different tricks for glowing skin.

So, here are we with a new substitute which with its antioxidant capabilities boosts skin nourishment. Spirulina is the dark green algae; we would like you to give it a try. Not only for skin but it is also beneficial for the body. It boosts our immune system and helps remove harmful toxins from our body.

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is the dark green algae that grow over the surface of the river or ponds. This natural green leafy thing is rich in protein and appears to be the best source of antioxidants, B-vitamins, and other nutrients when processed properly.

What’s more! You can consume it with water or sprinkle over the food like pepper.

Why should you include this in your diet?

The best way to use these algae is to make a paste (with water) and apply it on the face. Its application will soothe your skin and remove the dead cells. It is available in the form of powder, tablet, and flakes. So, you can choose the way you want to use it.

Benefits of Spirulina:

  • Reduces dark circles
  • Fights inflammation
  • Detoxes the body
  • Fights acne with its antibacterial properties
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Helps the skin retain moisture
  • Encourages cell turnover
Weirdest skin care treatments used by celebrities

Snake Venom Beauty Product:Weirdest skin care treatments used by celebrities

I know this sounds a little odd, but our favorite celebrity, Gwyneth Paltrow is quite the daring diva who applies snake venom for her skin nourishment. Scientists have found a way to convert the deadly venom into a friendly product which acts like a Botox and stuns the muscle. It seems Gwyneth is a fan of this treatment.

Weirdest skin care treatments used by celebritiesVampire Facial:

Even my eyes opened wide when I saw this process for rejuvenating the skin cells. Kim Kardashian posted a picture with her face covered in blood that went viral on the internet. Questions were raised. The weirdness of this treatment lies in the fact that infusing blood in the face soars up the platelets count which in turn reduces wrinkles. Substantial trials haven’t yet been done for this so-called Vampire Facial,  but our role models leave no stone unturned in age reversal.

Weirdest skin care treatments used by celebritiesSkin care products with Earthworm poop:

As the list goes down, it becomes even more disgusting. There are certain skin care products which contain earthworm poop which is seen as an essential element by skin care manufacturers. The excreted material contains Collagen which helps the skin to remain tight and supple.


Weirdest skin care treatments used by celebritiesGeisha Facial:

Another facial treatment that has poop.This time, it’s not of an earthworm but of a bird – Nightingale. The excreted material is mixed with other stuff like bran and then the combined mixture is applied on the face. Geisha Facial method originated in Japan,  but famous star Victoria Beckham regularly uses this product for her skin.


Weirdest skin care treatments used by celebritiesSnail Facial:

Popular Hollywood star Demi Moore is known to use Snail Facial for her skin. Snails excrete slime which contains antioxidant ingredients. It fights aging and keeps the skin smooth and wrinkle-free.