March 12, 2018

The Men Who Never Slept

Sleep is an important part of our routine as the body needs rest after being awake for more than 12 hours. Getting a good night sleep is as much crucial as following a healthy eating routine and exercising.

Teenagers need 8-10 hours of sleep whereas Adults generally need 7-9 hours of sleep.
[Source – National Sleep Foundation]

But, there are some who have defied the laws of nature. These men never slept a day in their entire life.

Al Herpin, also known as “The Man who never slept”, born in America never slept a day in his entire life. Insomnia is well known among the psychologists but this was a rare form of Insomnia which has no effects on the person’s physical and mental health. It attracted a score of doctors and medical professionals to analyze him and they lived more than a week in his house. Not even once he dozed off. The way to take rest was quite extraordinary as he sat in his rocking chair and read newspapers until dawn after which he returns to his job.

Another person who never slept a day was Paul Kern. He was a Hungarian soldier. In World War I, he was shot in the head. It didn’t kill him but his frontal lobe was removed. After that day, he lost his sleep.He was treated by Ernst Frey, professor of mental and nervous diseases at the Eötvös Loránd University, but he also couldn’t find the perfect reason for such behavior.

There was another instance in the past when a Vietnamese person, Thái Ngọc claimed to go without sleep. Causes are unknown but he claimed that after a bout of fever in 1973, he never slept a day hence.

Truly, these men have defined the laws of Nature!

Importance of Drinking Water during Exercise

Staying hydrated is very much important when you exercise. This is why health experts have always focused on the importance of water intake while working out.

Your body loses water and some amount of salt through sweat. So if you exercise regularly, you must understand the importance of drinking water because it would cause health problems if left unheeded.

The body perspires to cool itself through sweating. If neglected it can lead to health-related issues like loss of coordination, muscle fatigue, heat illness – think confusion, cramps, and exhaustion.

According to expert Nutritionist Dr. Simran Saini from Fortis Hospital, “One should have small quantities of water; that is you must take small sips of water, but avoid gulping a lot of it together. During workout, your breathing becomes shallow, so there is a chance you might choke. Preferably, add glucose to your water in order to attain the energy lost during exercise. Do not forget to sip on water every 10-15 minutes.

October 23, 2017

5 Foods rich in Vitamin A

Vitamin A rich foods

1) Carrot: 

When we think about Vitamin A, Carrot is the first food that strikes our mind. Carrots are more beneficial for skin because they contain more amount of vitamin A in it.

  1. Carrot juice can be the best medicine for scars in the skin.
  2. As vitamin A are antioxidants and reduce the signs of aging, carrot acts as an anti-aging product.
  3. Carrots are loaded with potassium and so this vitamin A rich food can help in dehydrating the dry skin.

2) Fish Liver (Cod Liver Oil):

Vitamin A is enormously present in the liver of fish. The cod liver oil can be the best product for skin treatments.

  1. It helps you to get rid of acne and pimple problems.
  2. It also removes the acne scar completely.
  3. It is good for dry skin and itchy skin.

3) Tomato:

As a Vitamin A rich food and a best astringent, tomatoes are good for a healthy and glowing skin.

  1. Tomato when applied in face regularly, removes the acne scars.
  2. They are also a good medicine for oily skin and keep the skin shining.
  3. Applying tomato juice helps to cure open pores and summer tans.

4) Fish:

We all know that the seafood fish id rich in vitamin A. It is also a food product good for skin which many of us do not know.

  1. Fish can fight wrinkles
  2. It can also reduce the chances of certain types of skin cancer.

5) Dairy Products:

Women will definitely be aware of the Vitamin A rich dairy products and their influence on skin. It is always preferred as an easy home remedy for skin care.

  1. Milk, Yogurt, Cheese – these are highly rich in vitamin A and when they are applied to the skin, the result will be amazing such as glowing and shining skin.
  2. They are also preferred for all types of skin problems.
carbs, carbohydrates

I read in a magazine to reduce weight, cut down carbs. It is unhealthy! It is your enemy! It should be banned! Have we not heard of these in different languages and emotions?

To be honest, carbohydrates or carbs, as they are called,  is also your friend. The right intake of carbs will keep you healthy.

Healthy Carbs. No Way!

Carbs can be found in typical foods such as sugar in the form of fruits, vegetables and milk. If you have thought sugar is just your typical table sugar it is not so. Sugar is found in almost all forms of food, vegetables and fruits and your body needs sugar everyday. The right amount of sugar will help your body.

Another great way to consume carbs is eating rice, beans, peas and grains. If you don’t like starchy food, then fiber is another way to get going. Fiber such as peas, soya etc are just perfect.

What exactly does carbs do for you? (apart from adding the dreaded weight)

The Human body every second burns energy. Any activity be it running a marathon or lifting your pinkie finger burns energy and carbs provide the energy. And yes, even your breathing.

Another good deed that carbs do silently is, it, prevents diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and keeps obesity at bay. It also helps in indigestion and keeps cholesterol under control including the weight. Carbs helps in reducing or controlling weight if eaten properly.

A proper diet of fruits, veggies, fiber rich food actually helps in weight loss.

How much is too bad?

To even breathe and just be lazy you need 1300 calories a day. If you are active, atleast 3000 calories are needed. So, on an average, a person would require 2000 calories a day and carbs should ideally supply about 45 to 65 percent of this. Any calorie intake above 1200 for a lazy lifestyle is too bad.

A dietician or a nutritionist would be ideal to recommend your daily diet keeping other factors in mind.

Overall, it is all important to stick to a fiber rich veggie and fruits diet including whole grains, legumes and low fat dairy products.

A word of advice – just avoid added sugar products. They do more harm than good except taste heavenly in desserts and colas plus ensure fat all over the body that you would blame on carbs.