Things to avoid to age elegantly

There is a huge contrast between aging and aging graciously. You can find older people who become too sluggish as they age and people who glow like a fine wine as years pass by. There is always something special about the latter. The persona they carry around them wherever they go makes the place a bit brighter.

But to age elegantly, along with the usual haves there are a few have-nots to be followed which are listed below:


Wear lighter makeup. Accept the fact that you can no longer look like your younger self but can look your best in your own skin with lesser makeup.

Excess salt intake

Intake of sodium in higher amounts can trigger high blood pressure. Ageing elegantly is not only about keeping your outside gleaming but also about keeping your insides healthy. So don’t go beyond 20 percent of the daily recommended intake of sodium.


Stop being negative and surround yourself with positive vibes. Smile a lot and distance yourself from negative people. People who lead a happy life are less prone to coronary heart disease and have an increased life expectancy.

Watching Television

Binge watching TV once in a while is fine but considering television as a medium to spend your time is not the best option especially when you’re aging. An Australian study has found that for every hour spent on watching TV after 25 is found to reduce the life expectancy by 22 minutes. So, excessive time spent on watching TV can make you more vulnerable to aging pitfalls like social isolation. So get out of your couch and be socially active.

Excessive Exposure to Sun

It’s normal for your skin to develop lines and wrinkles as you age but don’t allow it to worsen your skin. Prevention is better than cure. So protect your skin with suitable sunscreen lotions before falling prey to wrinkles and sunspots.


Manage your stress. Don’t let it take the lead and tame it well. Meditate, exercise or go for a short walk and keep the stress at bay. It’s highly beneficial for both your outer self and inner self.


Too much of anything is good for nothing. Avoid over drinking, overeating and excessive consumption of whatever that hastens your aging process.

Best wishes for elegant aging!

Best skin care practices for older people

The skin is a natural barrier protecting your body from the external environment. It becomes less effective as aging occurs and becomes easily dry and less robust when it comes in contact with irritating substances. Few simple skin care strategies can be taken to keep the skin healthy.

Healthy skin:

Consider your skin as a brick wall, then the skin cells are the bricks and the complex mixture of fatty acids becomes the mixture of cement holding the skin cells altogether. What happens when this mixture of cement goes insufficient? The wall becomes unstable and can also collapse. The same goes for your skin when it is not packed with enough water content, dryness occurs and for worse, irritants find it easy to penetrate through the skin.

These things can be prevented by taking two precautionary actions:

Avoid Irritants – The Devil of the Day:

Avoid the skin from coming in contact with the substances like detergents and soaps that tend to break down the natural fatty acids leading to itching and dryness which eventually makes the skin sore. Older people are suggested to avoid normal perfumed soaps and bubble baths as they cause skin dryness.

As an alternative to soaps, they are prescribed to use soap substitutes like non-perfumed white creams which are likely to moisturize the skin rather than to dry it. Washing-up-liquid, cleaning products, laundry detergents, and fabric conditioners are the other substances that older people should be careful about while coming in contact. Wear a protective glove when handling these products.

Use Moisturiser – The Fairy of the Elderly:

Use of moisturiser is highly recommended for older people and many options are available in the market and can be picked based on the skin type. Sometimes, people despise using a greasy ointment for every-day use as they are too sticky. Lotions are watery and less likely to get absorbed. That’s where creams come in to action, they moisturize the skin well and are also cosmetically acceptable. Applying moisturiser right after bath/shower is a good practice. It is also recommended to use the moisturiser whenever the skin gets dry (typically two to three times a day).

skin care is important for men

Man or woman, skin care is important for both. Even though signs of aging appear later in men as compared to women because of more collagen and elastin, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t care for what is coming.

Skin care isn’t really a new concept for men. For ages, they are using shaving creams, gels, after-shave lotion and also sunscreen creams.

Why men need skin care tips?

  • According to a research done in 2012, women are more attracted to men with healthy skin color than those with the masculine face.
  • The risk of having advanced melanoma is more in men because they don’t heed to skin care needs.
  • According to studies, handsome men earn 5 percent more than their less-attractive counterpart.
  • Pollution, dirt, wind damage and UV rays cause same effects and give rise to pigmentation and skin wrinkles.

So, how can you take care of your skin?

  • Skin Type: The first of every skin care routine is to know your skin type because only this will guide you in choosing the products.
  • Choose your products wisely: While picking up the lot, keep in mind your skin care needs. As different products are available for men and women, so heed to the details and procedure.
  • Follow a cleansing routine: Wash your face with appropriate face wash gels twice a day as it helps you to get rid of oily stuffs and open your pores.
  • Exfoliation: Dirt and oily stuffs are one among few causes of blackheads or whiteheads. Doing this will aids skin to remove layers of dead skin.

There’re countless methods and the stores are also filled with different products. Unfortunately, the cost is high and bottles are tiny, so the best way is to use natural remedies.


glowing skin

Why squander on products that may or may not help your skin?? Just make sure you eat the right food to get that glowing skin that we all dream of, because beautiful skin needs commitment, not a miracle.



No doubt yoghurt provides delicious benefits for your body, enriched with protein, calcium, vitamins and probiotics. But it also does great beauty wonders for your skin. It’s an all-around beauty multi-tasker that fights acne and pimples, restricts premature aging, relieves sunburn, reduces discoloration and keeps your skin glowing and youthful.



Along with boosting your immune system, pomegranate possesses anti-aging properties, thus rejuvenating your skin.  Pomegranate juice is useful in reducing fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. It helps the skin cells to regenerate and prevents dark spots and pigmentation troubles. Regular intake keeps you looking younger and beautiful.



Foodies everywhere love walnuts for their crunchy texture and great taste. Aside from filling a hunger gap; they are also a beauty secret. Being the powerhouse of Omega-3 fatty acids, they lock-in moisture and nutrients in the skin. Applying walnut oil will cure your dark circles and removes puffiness under the eyes.



Avocados not only nurture your skin when you eat them, but also when applied topically they prevent dry skin and brittle hair and nails. Eating half an avocado would probably lower your cholesterol level. Replace your sunscreen lotions with this fruit. It helps in protecting your skin from the UV rays of the sun, also a remedy for removing sun burns and eczema from the skin.




From regular fever to some of the deadliest bacterial and viral infections, basil can cure diseases. The juice of crushed basil leaves cleanse your skin from within. Basil purifies the blood and eliminates the toxins, thus healing and preventing eruptions on skin. The antioxidants present in Tulsi make you look younger and fresher.  Basil has more powerful antibacterial properties when compared with other home remedies for acne. Basil can help to inhibit the growth of bacteria which causes acne problem. It works well as a skin and hair moisturizer too.

You Are What You Eat for Life longevity

According to WHO, the average life expectancy in 2015 was 71.4 years. With the world’s current dietary habits, we can expect this number to decrease drastically. Let’s take a look at some of the food that will help you have a long life (Jeethe raho!):


Yes, sometimes it’s as simple as that – drinking water rather than juices or soda, can greatly increase your life span as it improves your cognitive functions and cleanses your body.


The nuts that are good for you are generally unsalted and unroasted nuts (If you want you can roast them at home). Nuts can include peanuts, cashews, walnuts, and almonds. Consuming nuts improve your longevity, as they are a source of healthy fat and are healthier snacks rather than chips and cookies.


Garlic not only adds flavour to your favourite food, but also strengthens your immunity and possessed anti-viral properties. Additionally, it aids in the absorption of essential nutrients, which is always a plus.


Research has suggested that human bodies are not capable of digesting cow’s milk due to its high sugar and fat content, which is what most of us consume daily. Instead of cow’s milk, try coconut milk, almond milk, or even sheep’s milk.


Vegetables, especially broccoli, sprouts, and spinach are great for increasing longevity due to their nutritional and medicinal properties.

Homemade Food

Last of all, eat as much homemade food as you can –opt for home-cooked meals rather than processed foods because honestly who knows what’s in all those bottles and packets of food?

Do you have any other suggestions for improving longevity? Let us know in the comments section below.