Seborrheic Dermatitis 101
“I can’t wear this black shirt – my dandruff will show up like crazy!” Ever had this thought?? Well, you
“Don’ts” for oily skin
Oily skin or seborrhea is when there is excessive skin oil, called sebum. Unfortunately, both men and women experience oily skin
Battling dry skin
Dry skin generally occurs in cooler weather or with a change in weather. It is characterized by itchiness, flaky, and
Four ways VCO can help you
We would have heard of virgin olive oil but virgin coconut oil, or VCO, is not that familiar. Virgin Coconut
Skin care during Diwali
Diwali is fast approaching – and we know you are gearing up for the patakhas and diyas – but is
Hair care during monsoon
Don’t you just hate it when the weather is hot, humid, and muggy? Well that’s Chennai for you during the monsoon.
Adult acne – how to treat them
Adult acne can hit you like a train out of nowhere. Lots of people suffer from acne as adults, even
Tips on skin care
It really helps when you know what your skin type is so that one can select the most appropriate products. Common
What is your hair type?
Finding out what texture your hair is helps you figure out what are the necessities, essentials, how to handle it,
We have briefly explained about hyper pigmentation in our previous post.  Hyper pigmentation is a skin condition which can cause
sweating and causes
Sweating and causes
Sweating also known as perspiration is an essential bodily function. It is a process of producing fluid made of water,
acne treatment
Treatment for Acne
We have listed a few natural preventive measures for acne in our previous post. Natural measures may not cure acne