Weirdest skin care treatments used by celebrities
Snake Venom Beauty Product: I know this sounds a little odd, but our favorite celebrity, Gwyneth Paltrow is quite the daring diva who applies snake venom for her skin nourishment. Scientists have found a way to convert the deadly venom into a
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Louis McMorris affected by Albinism
Often we see people with light and dark skin patches yet we know nothing of it. Albinism is genetically inherited skin abnormality which is caused due to the body’s inability to produce melanin- a substance needed for pigmentation. Not only

The Girl who can’t go out in the sun, xeroderma, sun allergy
Have you ever watched the rising sun or gazed it transcending into the darkness? I guess most of you do this every day in your life. But Riley McCoy isn’t allowed, not at least without any protection sheets! Riley McCoy
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skin care is important for men
Man or woman, skin care is important for both. Even though signs of aging appear later in men as compared to women because of more collagen and elastin, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t care for what is coming. Skin
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skin cancer types
What is skin cancer? The development of abnormal cells on the skin prompts skin cancer. It happens when unrepaired DNA leads to mutation or genetic deformities. It results due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays or artificial tanning gadgets. Three
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