Apply Warm Water On The Pimple Surface – This is the most advisable remedy for curing heat boils in this scorching summer. Just dip a cloth in warm salted water and dab it on the boil for around 15 minutes,
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5 Ultimate Baby Hacks Every Parent Needs To Know
For teething babies, the easiest hack would be apple sauce cloths. Put apple sauce in a cloth, role it and freeze it. Now this cloth can be given to all those teething babies. For Toddlers who are fussy eaters, adding sprinkles
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Eggs – Rich in iron and protein, eggs are a must for babies. Make sure you introduce egg whites in the growing stage. Scrambled eggs, boiled egg whites, omelets are all highly recommended. Don’t forget to feed them small portions
prevent sun tan in face
– UV rays are the strongest between the peak hours i.e 10 AM to 4 AM, so avoid stepping out during this duration. – Your clothing is very important. During summer wear light weight fabrics, loose pants, full sleeves with
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Water From Dehydration to healthy skin, water is the best tip, to begin with. Especially during the summer, liquid diets are the best. From coconut water to buttermilk and fruit juices and Green tea, liquid intake is a must. Green