Haemolacria blood crying
Medical science has come a long way and with all the technological advancements; we’re almost invincible to diseases that once claimed thousands of lives. But there’s one rare disease that has baffled medical practitioners. Haemolacria is a rare medical condition that causes
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Importance of Drinking Water during Exercise
Staying hydrated is very much important when you exercise. This is why health experts have always focused on the importance of water intake while working out. Your body loses water and some amount of salt through sweat. So if you
Vitamin A rich foods
1) Carrot:  When we think about Vitamin A, Carrot is the first food that strikes our mind. Carrots are more beneficial for skin because they contain more amount of vitamin A in it. Carrot juice can be the best medicine
Spirulina – A perfect remedy for skin nourishment
You try a lot of products to enhance your external appearance. Be it some product over the counter or natural homemade remedies, you continuously experiment different tricks for glowing skin. So, here are we with a new substitute which with
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Weirdest skin care treatments used by celebrities
Snake Venom Beauty Product: I know this sounds a little odd, but our favorite celebrity, Gwyneth Paltrow is quite the daring diva who applies snake venom for her skin nourishment. Scientists have found a way to convert the deadly venom into a
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