Qtepy Virgin Coconut Oil

Qtepy Baby Massage Oil 15 ml contains virgin coconut oil as main ingredient. Key benefits / Uses Qtepy Baby Massage Oil: – Virgin coconut oil intensely moisturises delicate baby skin. – Air- tight packing ensures the fresh virgin coconut oil every single time.

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Neither could we squirm in front of others to control our itching nor could we scratch as it would be embarrassing to do so. What an arduous situation to endure! Pruritus or itch is an unpleasant sensation that causes the


Most people lack the knowledge on what is the pH of their skin and how it determines the health of their skin. It is important to have a basic understanding of our skin’s pH levels as it determines the overall


Noticing the scales of white or yellow patches on the baby’s head may be a nightmare for the parents. Worry not! It is not harmful and very common among babies. Experts call this condition as infantile seborrheic dermatitis or cradle

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Your eyes speak the truth when everything else is a lie.” This is not a mere proverb to brighten up your day but one that is meant to open your eyes to a stark truth – your eyes are perhaps

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It is well known that excess sugar can lead to a variety of health issues, but what we don’t know is that too much sugar can also affect our skin.It is well known that excess sugar can lead to

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