We all care for our hair. Every day we shampoo, condition or oil it. But there are basic rules that we forget to take care of.  Apart from these basic rules, you should also care about your diet because it’s always

Hair care

We all have seen X-men movie series and we know Mystique with her blue skin and extra-ordinary shape-shifting skills. But we don’t really know that apart from mutants, there are some people, in normal life, who have blue complexion. In

Skin Care

Life isn’t easy for these two girls, Stacey and Emma Picken from the UK as they were born with a rare skin disorder, Harlequin Ichthyosis. Their skin grows six times faster than an average individual. Even

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acne care

Acne is a common problem. There are thousands of products available over the counter for everyone but it’s better to consult a Dermatologist for tougher cases of Acne.

But sometimes even Dermatologists suffer from painful cystic pimples. London

Acne Care

Winter skin care

Skin Care guide to battle winters Winter is coming. As your skin has to battle dryness, dullness and other things that ruin your beauty, you should take care and nourish your skin to stay safe from such disasters. Here are