Acne is the most dreaded thing to happen to anyone especially during adolescence. Taking the proper steps and avoiding common mistakes can improve the treatment outcome.

How to deal with the problem of acne?

• Consult a dermatologist & take medications as per the dosage and duration as in the prescription. It will be the best suited treatment for your type of acne issue and its source.
• Follow a daily Skin cleaning routine. It can be done thrice preferably,(ie morning, evening, bed time) with a dermatologist recommended face wash
• Stick to Sunscreen- Use an oil-free, water based, recommended sunscreen during the treatment and continue as part of skin care practices
• Stay Hydrated-Drink sufficient amount to hydrate and flushing out toxins
• Follow a balanced diet which Includes vitamins and mineral rich green leafy vegetables,to reduce excess oil production.
• Get some Exercise, which reduces stress, one of the causes of acne breakouts. It also increases blood circulation, sends more oxygen to skin cells and carries cell waste away. Do shower right after a workout.
• Don’t pick at your face. It spreads the germs leading to more swelling, redness and even scarring.
• Don’t let your hair loose. Greasy which makes the skin oily and causes acne breakouts.
• Select right Cosmetics-Avoid too much of it. Stay away from oily, pore-clogging formulations Check for dirty and expired products.
• Avoid junk food. It elevates sugar levels, inflammation of digestive system and makes the skin oilier.
• Don’t discontinue the medication. It can take as long as 4-8 weeks before medication has an effect on acne, so resist the urge to discontinue mid- way.
The much dreaded problem is not as difficult to manage as it is perceived to me. The treatment can be simple though long depending upon patient’s condition. Trust your Dermatologist for best advice.