Acne can feel so distressing that you just want to hide your face from the world.

For most people with acne, the skin condition takes a toll on more than just the way they look. Acne can affect one’s emotional health. Studies have found that people with acne may also suffer from:

Depression, Anxiety, low self-esteem and Loneliness. Every day, dermatologists see the devastating effects that acne can have on someone’s life.

In some schools, kids are bullied with names such as “crater face”. This can cause self-esteem to deep dive into the basement. Teens could feel so low that just want to be alone all the time.

Research has shown that people often say that they feel embarrassed or ashamed and too self-conscious to be their natural self. This might stop teens and even adults from being confident during a job interview or taking pictures or actively participating in class or work.

Some women say that it has led them to cancel dates with their boyfriends as they felt unattractive. They tend to be aloof or irritant until the flare-up fades away.

Needless to say, people prone to acne often develop depression and anxiety.

Treat it early and save your stress

As with any disease or condition, addressing it early can save you a lot of stress or emotional distress. In that case, it may leave behind permanent scars and your emotional well-being may be the price you have to pay.

Our advice! Don’t wait it out and try all home remedies based on videos you see on the Internet. Visit your dermatologist right away and get to the bottom of the issue.


Photo-Aging is a natural process. As we grow old, our skin ages along. It loses its firmness, elasticity and appearance. Let us remind you, “it is unavoidable.”

There is another type of aging process that is caused by the sun. Aging caused by the sun is often termed as photo-aging. Most of the aging signs that appear in your 30s and 40s are because of photo-aging. This effect is caused by the UV rays of the sun. These UV rays penetrate through the skin and lead to the development of fine lines, wrinkles, freckles and so on.

But don’t worry. We have good news for you. Though they damage the skin, photo-aging can be reversed. That doesn’t mean that these aging effects are temporary. They do require proper therapy.

Early symptoms of photo-aging:

• Formation of wrinkles around regions of skin exposed to the sun such as eyes lips and forehead.
• The appearance of spider veins on the face and neck.
• Loss of colour in the lips.

Symptoms of photo-aging attributed to prolonged exposure to UV:

• Deepened wrinkles and forehead frown lines can be seen even when not frowning.
• Spider veins are most commonly seen around the nose, cheeks and chin.
• Skin becomes leathery and laxity occurs.
• Age spots appear on the face and hands.
• In extreme cases, pre-cancerous red and scaly spots appear.

Micro-needle dermal therapies play the best role in the treatment of photo-aging. Micro-needle based delivery systems are one of the new advancements for taking care of age signs. Do consult a dermatologist for direction. For people affected by photo-aging, there are broad-spectrum sunscreens that provide effective protection against harmful UV rays. These aging signs are reversible and appropriate therapy will help get rid of the same.
So when you step outside your home next time, use a photo-blocking sunscreen and see the difference.


Appraisals coming up, new Job, moving to a different city, school admissions, traffic congestion and so on. One can go on about all the little and big things that add stress to your daily life.

We put up with it every day. But we take hardly any time to de-stress ourselves.

Let us look at the some of the changes that stress causes in our body:

blood pressure and pulse rate rises
• breathing becomes faster
• the digestive system slows down
• immune activity decreases
• the muscles become tense
• a heightened state of alertness prevents sleep

Unwinding is essential in order to lead a stress-free life. Here are some habits that can help you get started:

1. Leave work at Workplace
The moment you step out of office or return home, the work day is over for you. Engage a psychological stop sign to your brain if it starts overthinking about office emails, work or reports.

2.Time for Meditation
Meditation helps effectively in calming your mind. It gives immense relaxation to your mind and it helps you understand the power of silence.

3. Take a Shower
A good shower can make you forget all the good and bad that happened in the workplace. It can be soothing to your body and mind.

4. Take a hobby
Work on your hobbies and do something that you like and makes you happy. Utilize the free time to do your favourite job.

5. Sleep is the best remedy

8 hours of sleep every day is necessary for all of us. Sleep deprivation is the biggest factor for a stressful mind

What are you waiting for? Go on. Unwind. Release all that pressure and choose a peaceful life.


Every day in the media, you are constantly bombarded with advertisements for soaps which claim to be healthy and good for the skin. They claim the most natural ingredients and may promise you Cleopatra’s beauty on a platter.

How do you then find out which one suits you the best? How do you know what parameter to look for in choosing a soap? pH is your magic word. Our skin is naturally designed to fight infection and environmental stresses. But the ability to do so is affected by the pH level. The pH level of the skin refers to how acidic or alkaline it is. On a scale of 1-14, with 1 being the most acidic to 14 being the most alkaline, 7 is considered a neutral reading. Skin’s natural pH is about 5.5 i.e., acidic and any deviation from this value leads to failure of the skin’s ability to protect itself.

Most cleansers, including natural soaps, detergent soaps, etc., tend to be too alkaline for the skin. Due to which they remove natural oils from the skin thereby, causing dryness and irritation. Only syndet based cleansers have a skin friendly pH 5.5. Bathing with a syndet over a long-term provides moisture to the skin and maintains skin pH. It proves very effective for the skin to fight off pathogens.

For happy skin, choose a syndet and not a soap. Bathing with a syndet over long-term provide moisture to the skin and maintains skin pH keeping it fit and healthy.

dark neck

Dark Neck? Does it seem dirty?

You might have scrubbed dark neck a hundred times or even more, but it still seems like you haven’t taken a shower for weeks. We understand how it feels. But worry not, because the issue is not on the outside, but on the inside.

Yes! The problem may appear on the skin, but it is caused by cells inside the body. This condition is called “Acanthosis Nigricans”.

This condition on the neck is due to the accumulation of extra skin cells. The main reason for accumulation of extra skin cells is hormonal imbalance, specifically the hormone that regulates blood glucose level. When this fails to lower the blood glucose level, the body produces more of it.

Besides the neck, the skin on other body folds like underarms, groin, elbows and knuckles might also get affected.

Lack of exercise, obesity and junk food are the main reasons for hormonal imbalance. Anyone who isn’t leading a healthy lifestyle is at risk. It’s even seen in children who are 8-10 years old.

Acanthosis Nigricans is a condition which makes people prone to diabetes which is an irreversible disease. So whenever you see people with dark patches on their skin, educate them that it is not dirt and ask them not to ignore the issue. Encourage them to visit a dermatologist immediately. Only a dermatologist can identify if the patches are “Acanthosis Nigricans” or just dark pigmentation and can treat it accordingly.